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About Myton Automotive

We started as a Jaguar breaker in the mid 1980's. Back in those days the guys that dismantled the cars actually used axes to 'break' the vehicles down to their component parts!
We were based in the garden of an old haunted pub. As the business became more successful, we soon bought the old pub (and the buildings around it) and became one of the more successful Jaguar breakers in the UK exporting used parts Worldwide.
With new owners in 2004, a new focus on the potential of the Internet was made a primary objective. A new Jaguar website was launched and we started to focus more upon supplying new parts (rather than only used parts) to our worldwide customer base, as a result we decided to shut down the scrapyard operation..
An acquisition of an already successful Internet automotive business was made in the summer of 2004. The Jaguar business was then fully integrated into this new website.
As a result of our continued investments into the growing Jaguar parts Internet business our www.justjagsuk.com  website is now rated as a Google ‘authority’ site, we are also ‘deep-indexed’ and you will always see us on Page 1 on every large search engine.
Tata and JLR…
When Tata purchased Jaguar and Land Rover in 2008 (aka JLR), both manufacturers started to become integrated (for instance by using common parts wherever possible). We decided that as a business we needed to adapt to reflect this development.
We looked into which products we could offer (at Internet prices) for Land Rovers and are now proud to offer around 4000 OEM and Aftermarket part lines exclusively for this marque.
A new dedicated Land Rover website was designed, developed and launched in 2009. 
We sold the scrap yard in Walsall and re-located to Leamington Spa in the summer of 2012. As we don't just supply parts for Jaguar models any longer, the decision was made to change our company name to reflect this.
The area of Leamington Spa we are based in is called Myton, so it seemed fitting to name the business accordingly to Myton Automotive (Myton actually means ‘the place where two rivers meet’ and this seemed fitting as well).


We believe in giving our customers choice wherever possible.
Our speciality is in saving our customer's money by offering quality products at Internet prices.
We source parts direct from the factories that make the parts for Jaguar and Land Rover, these are usually referred to as ‘OEM’ and are often made in the same factory, to the same specifications and quality, as the genuine parts. We label ‘OEM’ parts with the suffix ’O’.
We also offer quality Aftermarket parts (with the suffix ‘A’) at really competitive prices. (Note; all of our ‘A’ products are TUV approved and not some anonymous low quality items from dubious sources overseas).
We also offer reconditioned (suffix ‘R’) items with guarantees.
We also source used parts for customers for difficult-to-get and obsolete items.
The Internet is changing many things...
We have invested heavily into our ‘back-office’ operations and can now offer over 200,000 recorded part numbers, in more than 15,000 stock lines, many parts with next-day delivery.
More importantly we have put a lot of thought, time, effort, and money into the ‘front-end’ operation of our websites. This is in order to make them safe, secure and simple for our customers to use.
You can be confident that shopping for your parts online (or by telephone) you’ll always great prices and great service from people who really know about the Internet and Jaguar and Land Rover parts.
We’re open 24x7. Whenever you place an order with us you’ll get emailed confirmations of order acceptance, payments received, and tracking numbers when your parts have been dispatched. 
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