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S-Type - X200,X-Type,X350 - Throttle Body - V6 - (XR845053)

Part Number XR845053
Make Jaguar
Model S-Type - X200,X-Type,X350
Status New Genuine
Weight 1.22 kg
Derivative Various models
Year See description

£ 245.40 + VAT

Dispatched in 1 working day

Throttle Body for Air Delivery System assembly.
Suitable for the following vehicles:
S-Type (V6 Petrol models)

VIN range: From M45255 to N52047
X-Type (except 2.0L Petrol models)
VIN range: From START OF RANGE to E19615 - except Middle East models
X350 (3.0L V6 Petrol models)
VIN range: From G00442 to G49700 - except Middle East models

This throttle body is designed to be 'plug and play' with no programming required.

The idle speed may need to be adjusted by turning the throttle postion sensor very slightly - though this is unlikely - but you will have to loosen the two security bolts (they have a dab of paint on them to ensure they have not been tampered with).

The engine management system will then adapt to the new throttle body.

Be sure to disconnect the battery when removing/installing  throttle bodies so it becomes a 'hard reset' . The computer will then 're-learn' the fuel trim, idle speed etc.

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